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Ring name(s) main
Billed height 0 ft 0 in (0.00 m)
Billed weight 0 lb (0 kg)
Born (1900-01-01) January 1, 1900 (age 121)
Debut January 1, 1900

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For a less guided version, use Wrestler Template.Blank

Want to make your very own page for your very own guy? Of course you do, it's what all the awesome people are doing, and it's simple too. Just use Jobber's format otherwise you will be glared at.
What is Jobber's format, easy. Right here you put a short little blurb about who they is. Nothing overly long, just enough to wetten the appetite. If you don't need certian parts, like, was never a manager, get rid of it.


Before EWA[edit]

See that, made a subsection for anything people need to know about them before they got to the EWA, and it's simple, just use that format!

EWA Arrival[edit]

So we know how you got there, what did you do?

Major Storyline 1[edit]

Seriously, if you can't figure out how to work that shit from here on...

Beyond the Alliance[edit]

Other shit about your guy goes here. Need ideas, check proper Wiki.

In Wrestling[edit]

That's the lame ass name they use on proper Wiki. Seriously if you can't understand what is going on, go look over there.

Finishing Moves
  • Big Move (wtf is it?) - Company/Era
  • Big Move 2 (same) - 1999
Signature Moves
  • Setup Move
  • You get it right?
  • God I hope so
  • Me.. cause I'm somehow managing you to make your own properly formatted page.
Wrestlers Managed
  • You helped someone? Who?
  • Bonzo
Theme Songs
  • "Name" by Artist (company/era). You know what, include a youtube link too if you want. Why the fuck not. [like.this.com]

Title History[edit]

Here we list all the titles you won using my prefered format. Eventually I want to find a way to allow this section hidden, it is kinda big after all.

Extra Stuff[edit]

If you have special accomplishments, put them here will ya.


Some 'fun' ideas I have for here to link out to other stuff. Don't worry about it right now.