Big Daddy Ace

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Big Daddy Ace
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Birth name Chris Loesch
Ring name(s) Big Daddy Ace
Billed height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Billed weight 256 lb (120 kg)
Born (1983-01-04) January 4, 1983 (age 38)
Boston, MA
Resides Boston, MA
Debut 2003

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Big Daddy Ace (born January 4, 1983) is an American professional wrestler best known for his work in the Extreme Wrestling Alliance where he is the former EWA World Heavyweight Champion as well as EWA Tag Team Champion.

Ace has won a total of 5 world titles within the EWA (4 as the World Heavyweight Champion and once as Undisputed Champion) as well as five reigns as a secondary champion (four as EWA Television Champion and one as FTW Champion) as well as an accomplished tag team champion holding the belt twice (once with Doug Kinsella and currently with Josh Stewart). Ace is also a two time MayHem Rumble winner (2006 and 2008). During the MayHem Rumble in 2008, Shane McMahon placed a bounty on Ace's head, and forced him to enter at number one. Ace defied the odds, and went the distance, lasting over an hour and winning the Rumble that year.


Before being known as Big Daddy Ace, he was just your average person. Chris (last name refuse to be revealed) went on daily life going from work to home, out with friends, loved to party, had a few crushing relationship problems. But who hasn't had those? Entering the Professional Wrestling industry at the tender age of 20 years old, he entered what was known as the BWF2. The BWF2 was in its second year, hence the name 2. After helping the ACW destroy the BWF2 in late 99 early 2000, Ace jumped from many feds looking to climb the success ladder. Holding many titles in many other feds, Big Daddy Ace saw his ship to opportunity come in the second quarter of 2003, when his contract was signed by the Extreme Wrestling Alliance.

Big Daddy Ace debuted at Tuesday Night Carnege on 5-06-03 in a match against one known as Kid Money. This particular match was a Razor Wire everywhere match and it was for the Number One Contendership for the FTW Championship. Even with the interference of Lone Jobber, taking both participants out with a steal chair, Big Daddy Ace still managed to nail the Ace Crusher onto Kid Money to become the Number One Contender for the FTW Championship.

Following that event, Big Daddy Ace, with help from fellow BTP Stablemate Chris Benoit as Special Guest Referee, would go into May-hem 2003 against DX Member Triple H for the vacant title. Even though Benoit was the special guest ref, he was forced to count out Big Daddy Ace and give Triple H the win via Knock Out. Big Daddy Ace's first taste of Main Event status sent him crashing and burning to the ground.

Big Daddy Ace had another shot at Main Event status when he was a participant in the first ever eWa Extreme Elimination Chamber at Glory 2003. The match was hard fought, but to make a long story short, at the very end, it came down to Big Daddy Ace and Shawn Michaels. Big Daddy Ace was set for the win, getting ready to deliver the Ace Crusher to Shawn Michaels. But, in a surprise move, Shawn countered with the La Mahistrol cradle to get the pinfall. Big Daddy Ace then would disappear from the EWA for a couple of months, to return at Halloween Hellraiser in a successful return, winning a triple threat match. At the following event, Tuesday Night Carnage on 11-11-03, Big Daddy Ace would be in two match ups, the first of which was against Lone Jobber for Lone Jobber's FTW Championship. At the end of the bout, Lone Jobber would nail The Gimmick on Ace, but Ace got his foot on the ropes. A second attempt at The Gimmick was horribly failed as Big Daddy Ace managed to give Lone Jobber a low blow, followed by an Ace Crusher, to successfully defeat Lone Jobber and become the FTW Champion for the first time ever. The second match he was not so lucky, where he teamed up with Chris Benoit against HBK and Kevin Nash. The Rock and Jericho, two people that were either in or allies of BTP, screwed them over and allowed HBK to pin Benoit after The Rock gave Benoit a Rock Bottom and then Michaels gave him some Sweet Chin Music. To say the least, Benoit and Ace were not happy.

Big Daddy Ace would go on to defend his title against superstars such as Kid Money and Purgatory. Being successful in retaining, he managed to keep the title for the rest of the year and face Subway and John Stevens in a match that was the Best Of Champions at New Years Evil. Subway got the pinfall, and not any one of the three lost their titles. The end of 2003 seemed to be very successful for Big Daddy Ace.

But that all ended horribly as Big Daddy Ace suffered some severe problems in his personal life. He was forced to drop the title in late January due to these problems under the belief that "One day I will return, but a Champion should be able to perform every night, not months at a time." Big Daddy Ace took his leave to deal with some problems that are now described as "Mental issues".

Big Daddy Ace was later put on Suspension in early 2004 and would get a match against Shane McMahon at Defiance, where if he won, the suspension would be lifted, but if not, then he would be suspended indefinently. Before the match, Ace was attacked by the Mean Street Posse and was hurt. During the scheduled match, Ace seemed to have the match in the bag, where he was pulling stops left and right taking out everyone that stepped into his way. Unfortunately, his momentum got the best of him and he went head first into a table, allowing Shane to get the pinfall and Ace suspended Indefinitely.

A couple of events later, Big Daddy Ace would be given one last chance at his eWa career. Shane McMahon, putting him in the ring with Tag Team Champions Vitamin C (Chris Jericho and Christian) in a handicapped match. Much to Shane's displeasure, Jericho dropped and let Ace cover him to secure his eWa career. This only lead to a 3 on 3 elimination match that had Ace and Vitamin C against the World Champion Triple H, Shane, and Kevin Nash. Ace got to eliminate Shane, but Vitamin C were eliminated leaving Ace all alone, who eliminated Kevin Nash and then had a heavy battle with Triple H. In a unmeasured move, Ace went to throw Hunter over his shoulder and got nailed with the Pedigree, losing the match.

His first ever Television Championship reign would start at Thursday Night Chaos on 5-06-04. He was in a dumpster match against Payne Killer and the champion, John Stevens. John Stevens had a very long reign as champion in which noone could take him off of. Well, that all changed as Big Daddy Ace managed to close both Payne Killer and John Stevens in the dumpster to secure the win and the title. Less then 20 days later, Big Daddy Ace would defend his title against Bret Hart. He successfully defended it, but after the match was the most interesting part. Chris Benoit and Jason Cain would come down to the ring and surround Ace, appearing as though he were about to get pummeled. But, when things were looking bleak for Ace, in a surprise move, Cain throws Ace a BPU shirt! Amazing, to everyone.

Big Daddy Ace then lost his TV Title at Wednesday Night Xtreme on 6-16-04 against a former ally Subway in a School House Brawl match. After losing his title, he went onto a somewhat win streak, up until Wednesday Night Extreme 7-14-04. The previous event, Beach Brawl, Ace was able to beat Vinny Luchesse for an open contract for any title of the winner's chosing. Ace took that win and the next event he faced Triple H in a Hell In A Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship. But, just like any other time he has had a shot at the gold, he fell short.

After that he was missing for a little while and noone really knew what had come of him. But, at New Years Evil, he came back with a vengance and beat Retro Playa in a match. Then, going on another losing run, he made a slight comeback defeating the man who took his TV title Subway in a No Holds Barred match at Saturday Night Torture. Big Daddy Ace on a winning streak as Thursday Night Chaos 2-10-05 goes on, Ace annihalted an Alexander Yanez to show the eWa that he was done messing around and that the Extreme Bowl was his. BUT, it wasn't.

After a few more disappointing losses and some uplifting victories, Big Daddy Ace would go on to recapture his Television Championship for the Second time in almost a year. He faced HBK for the title in Two Lord Carnage Match, which was essentially a Ladder match and a Cage match at Sabatoge. Being successful helped raise Big Daddy Ace's status in the eWa as he had gained a victory over a very high status superstar, HBK Shawn Michaels. In an impressive match, Big Daddy Ace was able to successfully retain his title against Doug Kinsella at Friday Night Frenzy 04-08-05. After the match being back and forth and constant times where a new champion was almost crowned, Big Daddy Ace stuck through to be able to walk out of the arena as Champion. But all that was short lived, as at Unholy Alliances, Big Daddy Ace lost his title to Heidenreich.

Big Daddy Ace would then bounce back in a heroic effort to not only beat Payne Killer for the number one contendership for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship, but at Friday Night Frenzy, Ace would go on to beat Kurt Angle for the title, finally becoming the champion after 2 years of hard work! BUt that was also short lived, as Big Daddy Ace had vacated the title and disappeared, yet AGAIN.

At Independance Day 2005, Ace would return with the Undisputed title, laying claims to be the Undefeated Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Which the claims have held true. He was never defeated for the title. But, the title was then destroyed, as Omega decided to say people didn't respect the title.

For the third time in Big Daddy Ace's career, he became the TV Champion at Friday Night Frenzy at 9-02-05 after defeating William McConnell thanks to Lone Jobber. But, this was short lived, as Big Daddy Acelost his title at the next event to a retiring eWa Superstar Aaron Marx. The title has since then not once on eWa programming since that night in 2005.

After a losing streak, Big Daddy Ace sort of dropped out of the wrestling ring and picked up a contract for the hot tag team Team 3D. Big Daddy Ace stayed out of the eWa ring until making a comeback in March 2006 at Gold Rush, Big Daddy Ace had the nerves to interrupt Triple H's Championship celebration after winning the title just a few seconds beforehand. Big Daddy Ace signaled that he wanted the championship, and that match was made for Thursday Night Chaos at 4-13-06

At Thursday Night Chaos Big Daddy Ace was up for another shot at the eWa World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H is defending the title in a smashing caskets match and the outcome was insane. Even though Doug interfered to help Ace out, Ace managed to walk away with the World Heavyweight Championship. Big Daddy Ace then went on to defend against Megumi Kudo in a submission match and won, successfully defending his title for the first time. World Championship status was in the eyes of Big Daddy Ace. At Unholy Alliances, however, the golden age for Ace shattered when he was scheduled in a tag match. Teaming up with Megumi, facing Triple H and Doug, Megumi won the match by making Doug tap out.

Throughout the years, Ace has had his ups and downs, like many in Professional Wrestling. The year of 2012 saw both highs and lows for Ace, as in the Slaughterhouse, Ace lost to long time rival and former friend William McConnell. After taking some time off to recharge, Ace came back with friend, the late Josh Stewart. The two joined forces as what was known as the RockStar Syndicate, and went undefeated in the tournament that went on to decide the new Tag Team Champions after they had been vacated by DX. Not long after winning the titles, Ace dropped a bomb shell on the company that shook everyone to their core. Stewie had passed away on the operating table. Ace used that new found fire to sky rocket him into a new level. Staying undefeated, he challenged William McConnell for the World Heavyweight Championship at New Years Evil. In what was described as one of the most brutal, hellacious matches that pushed both men to their limits inside of the Barbed Wire Cage, Ace finally did it, and became the World Heavyweight Champion for the 4th time, being handed the newest design of the Championship.

Beyond the Alliance

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves 
Ace Crusher
Signature Moves 
Kelly Kelly
Wrestlers Managed 
Team 3D
Theme Songs 
"Made of Scars" by Stone Sour (Current) [1]
"Bottom" by Staind [2]
"No More Sorrow" by Linkin Park [3]
"Why We Thugs" by Ice Cube [4]
"Black Days Begin" by Atreyu (RockStar Syndicate with Josh Stewart) [5]
"The Enemy" by Godsmack [6]

Title History

EWA World Heavyweight Champion
Preceded by
Triple H
April 13, 2006 to May 8, 2006 Succeeded by
Megumi Kudo
Preceded by
Lone Jobber
December 31, 2006 to February 28, 2007 Succeeded by
Demon Child
Preceded by
Rob Van Dam
July 31, 2009 to August 31, 2009 Succeeded by
Preceded by
William McConnell
January 1, 2013 - February 28, 2013 Succeeded by
Lone Jobber
EWA Undisputed Champion
Preceded by
Kurt Angle
May 20, 2005 - May 30, 2005 Succeeded by
Shawn Michaels
EWA Television Champion
Preceded by
John Stevens
May 6, 2004 - June 16, 2004 Succeeded by
Preceded by
Shawn Michaels
March 20, 2005 - May 1, 2005 Succeeded by
Preceded by
William McConnell
September 2, 2005 - September 13, 2005 Succeeded by
Aaron Marx
Preceded by
August 31, 2007 - September 30, 2007 Succeeded by
EWA FTW Champion
Preceded by
Lone Jobber
November 11, 2003 - March 16, 2004 ?? Succeeded by
William McConnell
EWA Tag Team Champion
Preceded by
Steve Austin
October 21, 2006 - November 20, 2006
With: Doug Kinsella
Succeeded by
Dr. Cube
Preceded by
Shawn Michaels
Triple H

as Degeneration X
Rock Star Syndicate
September 30, 2012 - current
With: Josh Stewart
Current holder